Saturday, May 30, 2009 Posted by Suchismita

We all know google is the king of all search engines. Google explains everything & is foremost in the mind of Web-surfers.

The success story of google began in the year 1998, when two 25 years old computer engineers dreamt a big dream & left Stanford University Campus & developed their lab in California Garage.

Within a decade the two-man company became a global corporation with about 17,000 employees, & countless server farm. It is one of the biggest employers.

There are so many reasons behind the success of Google. One of which is the work atmosphere of google. Google offered many services & spent very big amount to maintain its position in number one.

The succes story of google began in the year 1998 & continued till today.

Let us take a very quick look on the whole success story.

1998--- Larry Page & Sergy Brin developed a search engine & look for investors. Many known companies showed no interest. But Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim issued a cheque of 100,000 USD.

1999--- Google in the year 1999 left its beta version & became a proper search engine. In this year itself the famous google logo was born. In very special occasions google changes its logo & modifies itself respectively. & this property of google was called google doodle.

2000--- Google Service "Adwords" came in action in this year. The advertisements were displayed on the advertisement-free website Google.

2001--- Google added about 250 million photos & named the service as "google image search" which enabled to search photos other than text search. It also added many other support for many other file formats.

2002--- Google launched "google news" as a beta version. Four years later, an archive was developed which enabled surfers to search through news up to 200 years old.

2003--- New service of google "Adsense" was introduced. Another way for the website operators to make money through their website. The web operators can put text advertisements from Adword on their sites & keep a part of the advertising revenue.

2004--- The email service of google "gmail" was launched. It offered 1 GB of space & a new threaded interface.
This year was the golden year for google & its employees because hundreds of its employees became millionaire overnight just because google became public & offered online auction of its shares. It was an innovation in the history of US financial market.

2005--- Introduction of google earth took place in this year.

2006--- In October 2006, Google acquired the world's largest video platform “Youtube” in the world. It was the biggest deal in the history of web.

2007--- Google launched a new service "City guide". Google enhanced its maps with photos clicked by a car 360-degree cameras on the main streets of big cities.

2008--- Google launched mobile operating system "Android". It was based on Linux. Android can also power many types of devices going forward.
In the same year 2008 google also launched its web- browser "google chrome". Its outstanding because of its speed.

And this way the success continues………..