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How does Google Work? How is it different from other search engines?

To understand the working of Google we, first of all, have to understand the working of a search engine, How does a search engine work?
A search engine is software which is used for searching the websites, contents, topics etc.
When we type the topic we want to search in the search box & press “enter”, the engine starts searching for the topic in different websites taking the reference of their “Meta tags” (Meta tag can be defined as the keyword with respect of which the engines searches the website related to the given topic).

Google is the undisputed king of the search engines. This leads to the question of How does Google work?
Google was started in 1998 & was named as “Backrub”. At that time the search engines did not make much effort to improve their ranking systems. This resulted in irrelevant results when people searched for something,

The result was not particularly relevant to the search. Then Google sought to overcome this problem.

Google focuses on the relevancy & works. Google sets the priority of the search or the term typed by the user for search & searches web page that is most relevant to the terms search for by a user. The special feature about Google unlike other search engine is that, Google is capable of determining the relevancy.

Generally the search engines focuses on the “meta tag” to filter the search results.

Google unlike other search engines ignores Meta tags & focuses on the overall text of the page as well as the site as a whole. There are hundreds of factors involved in the evaluation of the sites like keyword density, registration length of domain, how long visitors stay on a site etc.. & the exact formula google uses for the Evaluation of sites is called “algorithm”.

The other factor on which Google determines relevancy & rankings is by looking outside of the site.
It actually looks to what other site are linking to the site, because the more site linking to the site is an indication that the site is offering more relevant content as compare to the other with less linking.

This linking factor led to the growth of the whole respective industry & this process of linking one site to other of the respective industry is called reciprocal linking. It actually is a measurement of how many links a site can trade with. Google gives values to the inbound links (someone is linking to your site without you linking back to them.)

Google provides ranks to the sites & arrange the websites depending upon there ranks.

Now another question arises from where it gets the list of websites. How does it bring the websites so quickly?

Actually the google keeps all the information about this websites in its data base as the index and shows us the link.
Whenever we type in the term we are searching for, google bots immediately searches it in its data base & shows us a number of list of websites containing that keyword.

Google keeps on updating its data base or index. And the process of updating the index is called “GOOGLE DANCE

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