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How to work with Google Chrome???

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google.
      Web browser can be defined as the medium through which we can surf through Internet.

                    Primary design goals were improvements in security, speed, and stability compared to existing browsers. Chrome was assembled from 26 different code libraries from Google and others from third parties such as Netscape.

Google chrome looks very simple, very easy to use, & most importantly it is very fast.

                    It does not have so many buttons to confuse the user. It has got very less buttons on the task bar to eradicate confusion.

                       At the top of the chrome window, there is the “title bar” where name of the site for which we are searching for is shown.

                        Just beside it there is a plus sign. After clicking on which a new tab with new address bar is opened where we can type in the address of any other website which we want to open. As soon as we click on the “+” it gives us the options of recently visited sites in “thumbnail” view. “Ctrl+T” is the shortcut for opening the new tab & “Ctrl+N” is the shortcut for opening new window.
                           Thus, we can open so many websites just by opening a single window.

Now while surfing if accidently one of the tab gets closed we may simply press “Ctrl+Shift+T” for undo closing of the tab.

                         The other way of generating a new tab is: - Detach the tab and just drag the tab outside the active window. You can also add it back to the original window using drag and drop

                        Just below the address bar there is the task bar, which has very less buttons like “back”, “forward”, “Reload page or refresh”, “bookmark”, “address bar”, “go”, ”Control the page”, “Customize”. We shall now one by one learn about each of them.

1. BACK:- An arrow pointing backwards shows “back”. It is used to go back to the previous page while browsing through the website.

2. FORWARD:- An arrow pointing forward shows “forward”. It is used to go to the page which we were watching before going back (or clicking on the back button). (A right click on the back button functions as forward button)*

3. RELOAD PAGE:- A curved arrow(curved towards right) shows “reload page”. It actually refreshes the page. Its shortcut is “F5”.

4. BOOKMARK:- A “star” shows “bookmark”. It actually functions as “add to favorites” of “Internet Explorer”. When we click on the “star” the website through which we are surfing is added to our bookmark bar (favorites). 

5. ADDRESS BAR:-A long bar with space to type in shows the “address bar”. Here we type in the address of the site we want to open in front of us. Not only this, but we perform simple calculations and unit conversions using Google Calculator by simply typing the expression in Google Chrome's address bar.

6. GO:- A head of the arrow shows “go”. By clicking on “go” we give command to open up the site. Its shortcut is “enter”.

7. CONTROL THE PAGE:- A paper folded at the right top shows the “Control the page”. It has so many options inside it as in INTERNET EXPLORER has in “files & edit” like “cut”, “copy”, “paste”, “save as”, ”find”, “print” etc. All these options controls the webpage.

8. CUSTOMIZE:- A screw driver shows the “customize” option. Through this option we can customize the chrome window as we want it to look. Through this option we can add or remove the bookmark bar, we can add new tab, new window, and new incognito window. By clicking on the Incognito window a new window opens up, but the page we view in this window does not appear in the browser history it doesnot leave any cookies either.

                  This option has options like “history”, through we can check the details of all the sites we opened in recent days. It also gives the time when the respective sites were opened. We can delete history from this window. We are not require to go anywhere else to clear history.

                         “Bookmark manager” is the one of the options it has. It lets us to organize(edit, delete etc.) & import or export bookmarks. It shows all the folders &files present in the bookmark, recently added bookmarks & a search box to search for the bookmarks.

“Downloads” is the other option by clicking on which all the downloads from the internet can be seen.

The next option is “Clearing browsing data”. As the name suggests this option clears the browsed data.

We are not required to do “delete cookies”, “delete files”, “delete passwords” etc, separately as we do in Internet Explorer.

“ Import bookmarks & settings” is an option which lets us to import all our “favourites”, “browsing history”, “saved passwords” etc to Google Chrome from any other browser.

                     Next option is “option”, which lets us to do the settings as in “how to set homepage”, “what to set as home page”, “where to save download files” & all other basic settings of a browser.

Now “about google Chrome”, “help”, & “exit” are the rest of the options. “About google chrome” tells us about google chrome as in the terms of chrome, copyright, updates etc.. “help” directly lead us to the web page of “google chrome” which tells us how to use chrome. Its shortcut is F1. “exit” it lead us to exit the chrome window.

         If Chrome is unable to open any of the page it says “This webpage is not available”

When we download anything from website using Chrome, a small pop up pops out which gives up the information about the download. Moreover while opening any site it shows which site is it opening. 

                    Google Chrome has got one more outstanding feature that is it provides a facility to expand the text box to enter text provided in any website. We can expand the text box simply by dragging the right corner of the text box.

This browser really is very good very easy to use.

                    Many people have many issues regarding “google chrome” but I did not find any.
Google Chrome opens pdf files, internet works very well, bookmark works….. I must say I did not find any issues. May be sometimes we do wrong settings which lead us to trouble. If u have any query regarding “google Chrome” Please do write us.

                 One thing which I find very bad in google chrome is that if one account is signed in in gmail, another account cannot be signed in even in orkut.
But apart from all these things google chrome is an amazing browser & user-friendly too.