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Services provided by Google

Google is not only a search engine it also provides so many different services which makes it different from other search engines. There are so many services provided by “google”.
                                                     When we open the webpage of google, we just type in the content we want to search & press “enter”. But many of us do not know that google provides many other services other than being a search engine.

                                                      If you want to know & enjoy all these amazing services, go to the google page, click on “more”. You want to know more, click on "even more". Besides of providing services like “images”, “map”, “news”, “gmail”, “orkut”. Google also provides services like groups, books, scholar, blogs, Translate, youtube, calendars, photos, documents, reader, sites, alerts, Blog search, “Google chrome”, Directory, Mobile, Code.

Let us explain the above given services:-

Search & communication

1. Web :- This Service of Google Enables us to search over 8 billion web pages. When we open the home page of google it enables us to search over internet through this service.

2. Images :- A click on this option leads us to surf through the Images of our choice. Type in which kind of image would you like to look at & enjoy a numerous number of related images.

3. Map :-This option as the name itself suggests shows the map of the world. You can even locate your home. Parameters for zooming in & zooming out are provided through which you can focus at the place you want to focus. The names of the cities States, even institutes, street etc are being provided. It really is a remarkable service provided by google.

                           Google Earth is also a service just like google map which offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches.

4. News :- This option provides us the news both national & international. It gives us all kind of news from all over the world.

5. Video :- Through this option we can enjoy the videos from all over the world & can upload the videos which we want to share with other people. This service is generally supported by youtube.

6. Groups :- Google groups enables us to create a group as a friend circle or a team which is working on any task or discussion group with which we can share our technical or any other issues. 

7. Books :- Google books shows the preview of the books. It helps us in choosing the book. It suggests us the books which we should go for. It tells us about the books from all over the world & of different author.

8. Scholar :- Its something which searches research papers the white papers , 
& the articles etc. It really has a very good collection of research papers.

9. Blogs :- As the name suggests the google blog provides the name & the category of the blog we are searching for. 

10. Translate :- This is my favorite option because It lets me learn so many languages. It translates one language to the other, & this way it lets everyone to learn other languages.

11. Youtube :- This is the video service provided by google. It lets us to view the videos of all over the world. We can also upload the videos to this site to show our favorite video to the world.

12. Calendar :- Google Calendar lets us to organize our work, Appointments, anniversaries, tasks etc. It reminds us for every organized tasks. You can even change the organized tasks. It works as your daily dairy or mobile reminders.

13. Photos :- Google photos lets us to share our photos with our family members & friends. We can even upload our photos & they can be viewed online. Picasa is the software lets us to organize our photos, change them into video, Share it with others etc.

14. Document :- It is a web based word processor, spreadsheet, application form etc. we can work on it as we do on MS Word or word pad. We can even open or doc email with google documents.

15. Reader :- Through Reader we can subscribe to our favorite websites & hence new content comes to us when it's posted.

16. Sites :- It lets us to create a site of our own. We simply have to login to our google account & proceed to create your own website.

17. Alerts :- Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on our choice of query or topic. Just choose the topic on which you need alerts, how often do you need it & where to deliver (your email address). Alerts are of great use, you can keep a tab on your sports team, favorite celebrity, competitors etc. 

18. Google Chrome :- This is a web browser developed by Google. It is very fast, easy, Security oriented & stable. .

19. Desktop :- This one is very interesting service provided by google you can customize your desktop & make it very beautiful by adding sidebars & other stuffs. It can make Windows XP look like windows Vista.

20. Directory :- It is an ocean of knowledge, you can use directory for everything you want to search. It gives different category to make your search easier. It also provides the name of the relevant sites. You can browse the web by topics with help of this.

21. Notebook :- You can maintain your notes & important information here in this notebook. It can be called the electronic notebook. It has all the options as any editor should have as in / MS Word or Word pad like “Bold, “Underline”, “Font” etc.

22. Specialized searches :- Here can do our search within the specific topic. It narrows down our search to the specific topic.

23. Toolbar :- Through this we can add a google search box to our browser.

24. University Search :- Here we can search for the website of a specific school, college or university.

25. Web search Features :- This is the special feature to help us to find exactly what we are looking for. It contains of the most popular features. 

For tech-savvy Guys & Girls

26. Code :- This service is actually meant for the tech-savvy persons as it provides Developer tools, APIs and resources.

27. Labs :- We can try out new google products from here & suggests improvement to its developer. It contains the new products which are not yet being approved & launched yet & need your suggestions for improvement.

Communication oriented 

28. Blogger :- Blogger lets us to create our own blog & express ourselves online. It is a boon to those to wants to do blogging & create there own site. It gives uses the extension “”

29. Talk :- It is again a social networking service provided by google. It is an instant messaging system. We can also call a friend from computer. 

Mobile services

30. Mobile :- It facilitates lets u to use mobile in our own mobile.


31. Pack :- It provides a number of softwares to keep our computer in good condition & up & running. This software pack is completely free of cost.


32. iGoogle :- iGoogle helps us to customize our Google homepage. We can add gadgets, background themes etc to make our homepage look good.

                         Apart from all these services google provides many more services.

To be continued