Tools For Twitter - Tweetdeck and TweetLater

Friday, June 19, 2009 Posted by Aman Jain

There are a whole range of tools to help your business use.Twitter beter.Tweetdeck is a great tool for those who want to tap into Twitter to listen to the chatter.It allows you to follow a range of updates across social networkign sites, including Facebook to have a look at what people are talkign about your business.Just head over to and create a new account.Arrange the columns , sit back and watch in real time all the buzz that your company is creating.

TweetLater ( is a great tool for those who have a plan for their Twitter accounts.You can key in Twitter updates with a time delay.This also lets you stay active 24 x 7, giving the impression that your business is always on.In case you have tight schedules or elaving somewhere for a holiday,TweetLater is a great way to keep your account active.The best thing about TweetLater is that your use of it is in stealth,there is no way people will come to know is you are using it or not.

Now you have you own focus group , you can go ahead and study them .Strawpoll ( is a simple to ue and free service that lets you setup polls.Embed these polls within tweets , and you have answers to those knotty questions that you want to find from your customers.