How to access multiple email accounts with gmail??

Sunday, July 05, 2009 Posted by Suchismita

Accessing multiple email accounts with gmail accounts is very easy.. We are just required to follow some of the very easy few steps:--

Let us check them out.

Step 1). Login to your gmail account..
Step 2). Click on "Settings" tab from your Gmail Account Window.
Step 3). From the window of Settings, go to "Lab" tab

Step 4). Scroll Down the page. We have lots of options there.. Go to "Mutiple Inboxes" & check the Radio button beside "Enable"
Once you do that you will see an additional box next to your inbox pane containing search results for “is:starred” and “is:drafts”..

If you have starred or draft emails, you’ll see them there. If you don’t want to have a pane dedicated to drafts or starred emails you can remove those panes by going to the "multiple inboxes" settings.

Step 5). Now Go to the "Settings" again.
Step 6). Now Click on "Account" tab.
Step 7). From the "Account" window go to "Get mail from other account"

Step 8). Enter your "Email Address", "Password" & all relevant answers asked there..

During this setup process you’ll be able to apply a label to the new incoming mail and if preferred, archive it as well (both recommended). You can also take advantage of the “custom from” feature which allows you to send emails from those addresses through Gmail.

You have succesfully added your external email accounts..

Step 9). Now Go to "Settings", then Go to "Multiple Inboxes" tab..
If you haven’t touched these settings yet, by default you’ll see that pane 0 is occupied by “is:starred” and Pane 1 by “is:drafts” (I opted to remove those on my account). Simply enter the new email address or any other search criteria you might want displayed beside your Gmail inbox. Also note the additional settings, which provide the ability to increase or decrease the number of messages that will be displayed in the extra inbox panes as well as their position.

For adding additional email accounts simply repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more inboxes or labels as well as anything searchable that you want displayed in its own pane. And this is just one of the many advanced features found in the Gmail Labs tab which can take your webmail experience to the next level. Enjoy.