Dropped mobile phone in Water?

Sunday, July 17, 2011 Posted by Aman Jain

Take a random poll of your friends.Chances are that , at least one of them
has dropped his or her phone into some kind of liquid. Hopefully , the liquid
was clean water , but there are some peaople who have dropped their
phone in rather unmentionable places.

So what do you do if you phone comes in contact with water? ( If you
dropped your phone into some other liquid like a glass of coke , its
almost surely dead.)

1. Immediately remove your phone's back cover and battery and your sim

2. Set the phone, battery, and cover on a dry lint free towel.

3. Do not touch the phone for next three days.

4. Has it been three days ? No? do not touch the phone really.
Put the Battery back in phone , replace the cover, and try to power on the

If the phone doesn't turn on , or behaves oddly, you can remove the battery
again and leave the phone for another two days.

If after full five days the phone does not work , it probably never will.

Unless your phone shorts out when it is dropped in water, it is possible
that after the phone and all of its internal components dry completely, the
phone will work just fine!

Amit in his blog Labnol , recommends covering your phone in a bowl of rice( to soak up the water) to let it dry for at least 24 hours and do not charge the device.

The ultimate goal is to dry your phone completely first and then put it into


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