How to use Epic Browser

Saturday, July 16, 2011 Posted by Aman Jain

Hidden Reflex has released the world’s first web Browser for India. – named Epic Browser.

The Browser itself is based on the Mozilla platform . It is compatible with Linux, Macintosh, and windows Operating systems . Roughly 3 weeks after launch the browser crossed four lac downloads - an impressive feat.

Main Features

. 1. Sidebar Apps –It gives the users the ability to multitask. The Sidebar has a long scrolling list of icons or apps that expand when you click on any of them.

Apps include a word processor, file backup, file browser, video picture in picture, email, chat , games and 1500+ user installable applications in the Epics App store which are all free to add.

The video picture in picture player app allows users to dock videos from sites such as YouTube into sidebar, which means you can have the video playing on the side while users can continue to navigate and browse around.

The app can also create playlists to which you can keep adding videos that you can keep adding videos that you wish to view next.

2. Indian languages support – Epic is the first browser that enable non English speaking Indians to come online and share their thoughts and ideas.

Epic’s India language support is built on Firefox add on Google Transliteration , based on Google Indic Transliteration API. At present the browser supports 12 Indian language.

3. Antivirus Suite – In built anti virus includes on demand anti virus scanning which can scan your whole computer systems for viruses and malware as well as automated scanning of downloaded files. Epic also warns users when they are about to visit a potentially dangerous website.

4. Private data deletion – Epic has a one click private data deletion button which also deletes long lived Flash Cookies – the only browser that does so.

5. Private data browsing -It also offers the private data browsing according to which you are accessing the data in an private or in the invisible mode that means offline browsing

6. Performance – The browser is pretty fast but does require 10.5 sec to start. There after it is comparable to any other browser of today.

Download the Epic Browser here

What is Most Visited Websites Box?

Epic displays you with the list of top 10 websites which you have visited, based upon your visit counts just like Google Chrome and other Browsers. You can Click on the + button on the top right of this box and add any of your favorite website under this list

How can I type in Indic or Indian Languages?

The feature of writing in Indian native languages is provided in this Browser which is built on Firefox add on Google Transliteration , based on Google Indic Transliteration API.

A separate Indic text box would be displayed to you in the browser where you need to initially select the language you would like to use and then under the box you should start typing.

You can select the option of Save and Copy to copy the written content and paste it anywhere say your email or web pages. Another option is save and paste into Epic Write which would open a complete new window with numerous options allowing you to use the complete language transalation options.

How to Enable Antivirus support in Browser?

In order to activate this feature you will have to download any file from the browser ,following which under the ‘Epic Downloads’ section you will find a message asking you to ‘Activate Scanning this download?’ If you activate this the browser will start downloading Virus definitions of around 25MB in size.

How to change the Browser look?

You can find the themes or skins as the Epic calls them under the Skins option on the sidebar. You can choose different theme styles under People, Culture, Regional, Sports, Films, Art, Music, Religious, Politics & Nature.

Click on any of these and you will get sub categories where there would be a list of different skins available which can be applied in the form of a theme and wallpaper or else both.

Once you click on the + Both option the selected skin would be applied instantly without the need for restarting the browser.

How to use writing editor in Epic?

The inbuilt Write feature in epic could be used for writing any kind of information . There is an “Auto Save” feature in it under the Write section where all the content you type in it is automatically saved .

Also, the same data is saved in the form on .html file on your desktop to make sure that you don’t loose your content.

How to access hard drive files from Browser?

You could access the computer files from the Epic Browser directly through the “My computer “ icon on the Sidebar. You could perform different actions like moving stuff, deleting or viewing hidden files using this option.

What are the other features available in this browser?

Travel Icon – Click to get direct access to Travel booking websites like Indian Railways and

Jobs option - Search jobs directly from sites like

Backup section – You can place your files in this section to be used online from any computer as they would be uploaded in you gmail Account

Apps function – Search any app you like and install it by clicking on ‘Add to Epic’.