NERO 8 - Do you know Everything about it?

Saturday, July 16, 2011 Posted by Aman Jain

Nero isn’t just about the Burning ROM software—it’s also about all the extras that come with it.

Move The Cache Folder

Nero uses a location on the hard drive when it needs to cache files before burning them. If you’re running short on space in your main partition, you would want to change it to one with more free space. Go to File > Options > Cache and click on Browse to choose a new location.

Sounds For Events

Nero has support for sounds but they are disabled by default. Go to File > Options > Sounds tab to set sounds for events. The sounds that come with Nero are in the default locations, but you can select the ones you want by clicking the Browse button.

Nero BurnRights

Nero BurnRights is an application that comes with Nero; It allows you to define which users on your system can burn CDs and DVDs.

Go to Start > All Programs > Nero 8 > Nero Toolkit > Nero BurnRights.

Select the type of users that you want to give permission to and click OK.

Do Not Eject The Drive

Every CD burnt is immediately ejected from the drive by default in Nero. To keep the CD or DVD in the drive once it’s done, go to File > Options > Expert Features. Check the box against Do not eject the disc after the burn is complete and click OK.

Retro Nero

We all miss the Nero Burning ROM from the past years when it was a compact little CD / DVD burning software and not a complete suite with modules we never use.

It’s reached a point where there are tiny, hacked, illegal releases of Nero Burning ROM made available on the Internet which take a fraction of the space of the entire suite. If you have the nasty habit of blindly clicking “Next” during the Nero 8 installation, you’ll most probably have skipped the screen where you choose the Custom installation mode.

Uninstall your current copy of Nero if you have it installed. Start the installation till you reach the window where you can choose between Typical and Custom installation. Select the Custom install option and click Next.

You’ll soon see a window with the list of all the Nero components selected. Click on each one of them and select . Do the same for everything and continue with the installation. At the end, you’ll have completed your own clean compact Nero Burning ROM installation the way it used to be.

Searching For Specific Formats

To look for a particular file using wildcards, right-click on the folder in the left pane of the browser window. Click on Select pattern. Enter wildcards with semicolons as separators and click OK. For example, entering *Crossaffairs*;*.PDF as the pattern will select all files with “Crossaffairs” in their names and PDFs as well.

Encode Audio Files

Nero Burning ROM comes with an in-built audio encoder: go to Extras > Encode Files, click on Add and select the files you want to encode.Using the drop-down menu for Output file format, select which format you want to encode to and click on the Settings button to set parameters for the encoder. Finally, click on the Browse button to select where you want to store the encoded files once encoded. Click Go to start encoding!

Better Compatibility

One of the issues with media and the way they are burned is that is that they’re not always compatible on all DVD players.

There are a few things that can be done to solve this:

one of them is to set the high-compatibility mode on for your drive.

Step 1 Click on the Choose Recorder button to the right of the drop-down menu for selecting the drive.

Step 2 Select your drive and click on Options.

Step 3 Check the box against DVD High Compatibility Mode.

This will make sure that at least a gigabyte of data is written on the media even if you don’t have that much data.

Another thing you can do is to use the Book Type settings—this is basically is to tell the drive that you have inserted a DVD-ROM (for example) not a DVD-RW or any other kind of DVD.

This way, there are better chances of the drive reading your media.
Use the drop down menu for Book Type settings in the drive properties window and select DVD-ROM, as it generally gives better compatibility.

Easter Egg!
Nero Burning ROM still has the Easter Egg which you can find in most of its earlier versions.
Go to Help > About to see the credits. Double-click in this window and you’ll see the credits text flowing with different kind of effects. If you hold down [Ctrl] and [Shift] together and then double-click, the effects and scrolling will speed up.


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