Import friends from facebook to google+

Sunday, July 24, 2011 Posted by Aman Jain

You can transfer all your Facebook buddies to Google+ .You cannot do it directly but via their partnership with Yahoo from where you can get all of your friends list over to Google Plus.Lets get started:-

1. First Sign up for yahoo if you dont have an account .
2. Go to Yahoo Mail. Go to the contacts Tab.

3. Go to import Contacts.You will see Facebook Logo Next to it. Click on Import Conatcts and then click on Facebook Icon which implies that you want to share your contacts to Yahoo.

4. This would import all your contacts to Yahoo.After which you select them all and Go to Actions --> Export All . The contacts would be exported as Yahoo CSV file which would basically put all your contacts names and email addresses in a spreadsheet.

5. Now , switch over to Gmail and log in.

6. Go to Contacts Tab and then Go to New Groups and make a group called " Facebook". Then we would click on Facebook Label--> More Actions --> Import --> File --> "Choose the Yahoo File you just Exported"--> Select the Facebook Label in the Dropdown--> Click ok

You will find all your contacts would be displayed there.

7. Now you just have to login to google Plus account.

8. Go to the Circles tab and pick on your circles and Click on Friends and Invite.You will see all your friends lovely faces that are not on Google Plus as yet.

You can still add them to your circles and the google will send them an invitation mail and once they sign up for Circles you can follow up with them.

That is how to get all your facebook friends on to Google Plus.


  1. Balu said...

    I was searching for this, finally found it, I wanted to import Facebook friends to my Google +.