Tips to Free and Paid Hosting

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Posted by Aman Jain

Domaining it

With domain names available for as low as US$ 9.95 (approx Rs 448)its easy to get yourself one om Websites such as Network Solutions ( and goDaddy( Once you register your domain you can use free DNS services such as ZoneEdit ( )that lets you specify several subdomains .Finally you need space on Web Server.Host you website using space bought from an ISP to use your domain name .

With Geocities now a part of Yahoo! Signing up for an account is as simple as using the one with Yahoo!.GeoCities give you 15 MB of space .Set up your website using their free website creation tools such as Yahoo! PageWizard And Yahoo! PageBuilder.

Yahoo! PageWizard
The Page Wizard is a simple 5 min page set up wizard that lets you select a page from the available, page themes, and then customise the text , images and links and personal information .The page Builder wizard is a little more detailed in its customization . You will need JRE installed to access it though.
Yahoo !Page Builder
The page Builder takes a while to open if you are using a dial – up connection . for more customised pages, you can create, your own page, then upload the pages and the associated files into your Geo cities account . Upload files that size up to 5 MB by clicking on Easy Upload in the Advanced Toolbox section of yourGeoCities account